F2F Class Notes 26th August (Jesse)


ruler …. rule…. the rule is good

R – ar – a round sound and pull your tongue back

r – ra – like a rabbit, open your mouth using top teeth and bottom lip

Practice at home: va va va ra ra ra – keep mouth shape the same 

another research – some more research

nasal – the sound of the nose

moona – moon – throw out the “oooo”

people – p ee p ll

pre paira

in the previousmy last job / my old job

seattle – first say “see a dulla” then say “see a dul” 

let me do = allow me to do = permit (you want t0)
get me to do sth = ask me to do sth = request (you don’t mind / you should)
make me do sth = force me to do sth= demand (you don’t want to)

this movie makes me sad = directly affects you