F2F Class Notes 26th Aug(Daniel)

Homework, write a journal about your day, pan attention to use the past tense. Use the new words to create sentences.

I study English every day.
My friend likes playing computer games.
I am studying English now.
We are playing computer games.
I will go to school tomorrow.
We will go swimming next week.
We went shopping last month.
I chatted with my friend yesterday.
We were talking when my mum called.
I was sleeping when my sister turned on the tv.
I have been to Hong Kong.
I have been lived in Zhejiang.
She never goes to America. – She has never been to America.
I had lived in Zhejiang for 2 years fourteen years ago.

Information – 信息

a lot of – 用来形容可数名词

lots of – 不可数名词

furniture – 家具, 不可数

limited– 有限

equipment – 装备,设备

scissors – 剪刀 e.g a pair of scissors