F2F Class Notes 26 February (Celeste)

My project is working. – My project is not finished.

progress– when something grows

Ex: My project is still in progress.

It will take 100 hours to get to the airport by subway.  – It will take 1 hour to get to the airport by subway.

solution – a way to deal with problems

Ex. It is time to make a solution for the problem.

time – hours, minutes…

term – period of time, not a set/exact time

You no touch me.You didn’t/did not touch me.

Deorate – to make something more beautiful

Ex: The presents under the Christmas tree decorated the living room.

manager/director – more natural/business-like way to say ‘leader’

co-founder – start a business or company with someone else or another group

Ex: Jesse and Judy are the co-founders of Smart English.