F2F Class Notes 25th May (Lina)

I don’t want to, there in shanghai, too many people – I don’t want to go to the one here in Shanghai, because there will be too many people

I think I will feel cant breath –  I think I would feel like I can’t breathe with that many people around.

I went to the japan Disney land – I went to the Japanese Disney land

–          I went to the Disney land in Japan

“25 year anniversary of the Japanese Disney Land “

I went back my hotel – I went back to my hotel

I’m scared but I like –  I am scared but I like it / .. But I like the feeling, Its very exciting


è “I went to the wrong place”

Small people – Less people (not as many people)

I don’t to be in line – I don’t like waiting in line / I don’t like cuing

Cuing – waiting in line (for rides etc.)

I had to cue for two hours just to get on one of the rides (or Roller coasters’)

In five hours I just play two – In five hours I just rode two

It was raining day –            It was raining that day

–          That day it was raining.