F2F Class notes 25th June (Eddie)

runway = the part of an airport used by airplanes to land and take off

taxiway = a secondary lane / road in an airport used by airplanes to move from the gate to the runway or the other way around.

primary        = first, or more important

secondary    = second, or less important

E.g. My primary goal is to improve my English.
My secondary goal is to find a better job.

this chair was made by George = George made it
this chair is made of wood = it is a wooden chair

make =/= do

E.g. I make breakfast for my skinny girlfriend every day.
She does a good job.

You must say English. –  You must speak English. (requirement) You must be able to speak English. (ability)

Q: What is a car engine made of?
A:  It is made of metal.