F2F Class Notes 25th February (Jesse)

think – th

thinking sounds – try to lessen these

after my graduation / after i graduated 

it’s good too / it’s not good either

she ask me to choose reading or free talk – ask me to do

have confidence forwith / in

want to make my english better

we started (began / got started taking) to take photos at (around / at roughly) 9 oclock this morning. the manager of the restaurant is a lady who is very kind (warm / lovely / friendly / who is a lovely lady). we shot nearly (almost / around / about) 20 products today which is a good thing (very positive / which is great / wonderful) because yesterday we worked too hard (we were exhausted / yesterday was intense / insane / crazy). So, i told the manager we need to have a rest (take a break / take some time / put some time aside) and we should review the photos we had taken together.