F2F Class Notes 25th August (Jesse)

am = 形容主语
that / which = 形容比喻
eg. I am at a place that sells coffee.

I am here.
I am at this place that / which
I am at work

I am beautiful

office = ban gong shi

I was at work to do some work for my company and meet with my boss to talk about work.

reason (yuan ying)
+ noun (名词)
to + verb (动词)
eg. I bought a cake to give you for your birthday.

I have a lot of money

so much / not much / a lot
eg. I have so much money / how much money do you have? / I have a lot of money

I have a lot of money
I don’t have any money / I have no money

– have / don’t have  ….. have done / haven’t done
things: I have a lot of money / I don’t have much money
doing: I have been to Australia / I haven’t been to Australia

do you have a hat?
no I don’t have a hat

do you have a cup of coffee?
yes, I do have a cup of coffee

you been to the gym today?
no i haven’t been to the gym today

have you had dinner today?
yes I have had dinner today

i got up at 8o’clock and then i had / ate congee for breakfast and I cleaned my bag because it was dirty. After that, I went to work by metro at about 10 oclock. It took me half an hour. I turned on my computer to look at my 4 emails. It took me about half an hour. After that, I went to a meeting with my boss and colleague to talk about something that we did last week, and then everybody gave me their meeting notes because the boss wants to look at them.

congee = con jee  (zhou)

notes = noe tss (bi ji)

their = tamen de

I have a computer that / which I bought at Apple store.
I went home by myself to look for something that I couldn’t find.

i do sth for + time
eg. i worked today for 8 hours for my company.
eg2. I came to Smart English today to learn English for myself.

what did you do when you arrived?

how long did it take?

i eat food for lunch
eg. I ate congee for breakfast