F2F Class Notes 25th April (Jesse)

IELTS Speaking Examples

play a huge impacthave a huge impact 

firstly – pr 

public – pr

interesting noun or verb? 

influenced – pr 

separated it into 2 parts 

“get used to it” – you haven’t started getting used to it

“i have gotten used to it” = finished 

“i am getting used to it” = process is continuing 

open a piece of newspaper – open a newspaper 

depressed – feeling / depressing – describe a thing

would – pr – “wu d” 

world – pr – wer rel d

These kinds of news

inspire us and lead us to live better lives 

inspire us to lead better lives. 


repercussions – the negative result 

eg. smoking has many repercussions which affects our health system and our overall economy 

In conclusion although it is surely extremely difficult for editors of newspapers and other media to make the correct choices regarding / in terms of the content to be published, they have a responsibility to the public to ensure that these choices are made accurately and wisely. The repercussions of regularly publishing content which is overly negative or biased include potentially manipulating the public in a way that could prove to be negative for society as a whole. On the other hand, in the event that they get it right, the affect on the attitudes of the population can be incredibly positive and may influence other areas of society as well.