F2F Class Notes 25 Mar (Trista)


Couch – sofa

Cough – (koff)

I don’t like sit next to the window

I don’t like sitting

I don’t like to sit

Aisle seat (ile)

Window seat

Middle row

For a few monthes


chang jiang river –

Yangtze river (yang see)

For business trip

For a business trip

For business

When I begin the job

When I began the job

It got old / It’s getting old – I’m sick of it

I need another one to accompany me to foreign country

Another person to

I need someone else to

To a foreign country

Would you like to make a plan before you travel?

Do you like to make a plan before you travel?

After I arrived my place I came to go to-

After I arrive at my destination

Type A personality – likes to organize/plan/control

Type B personality – laid back/easy going

Type A personality Is easier to get heart disease

They get heart disease easier

They are more prone to heart disease