Open F2F Class Notes 25 April (Eddie)

She vs heremember the gender difference

he wanthe wants

tensounds like Ben not like pun

I’m very like Montessori educationI like the Montessori method very much

to make a difference – to change something significantly, as a result of something someone does

A course of lecture

A few days ago I had a lecture that’s about Montessori Edu in Beijing. Most of the audience were the leaders of preschools and kindergartens and there were some schools teachers there too. I prepared a PowerPoint of my speech and presentation for this lecture. For this PowerPoint I added some caricatures to it because I hope the audience can have a happy and relaxed mood while listening to my lecture. I was so happy that I had the change to bring Montessori Ed to more and more people and I hoped even more Chinese kids can accept this type of Edu. I will spend more time to research Montessori Ed and I will try the best I can to get the most professional Edu of Montessori.

A few days ago I had a lecture about Montessori Education in Beijing. Most of the audience were leaders of preschools and kindergartens as well as school teachers. For this lecture I prepared a PowerPoint presentation and a speech. I included several caricatures in my presentation in the hope that they would help the audience relax and receive the message of my lecture. I was thrilled to have had the chance to continue to introduce Montessori Education to a growing number of people and to pursue my hope that more Chinese children can benefit from this type of education. I am looking forward to spending more time researching Montessori education and continuing to advance my knowledge of it.