F2F Class Notes 24th June (Daniel)

Negotiation (n) – bargain the detail (contract)
eg. the negotiation lasted hours and we came to an agreement in the end

Arrogant (adj) – big self-confidence
eg. he is very arrogant

Bribery (n) – using money to achieve sth.
eg. bribery is really common in China

Bribe (v) 
eg. Doris had to bribe the government official

Token of my gratitude (n) – bribing money/gift
eg. I gave him a red envelope as a token of my gratitude

White lie (n) – lie with a good intention
eg. a little white lie never hurt anyone

Anxious (adj) – very worried
eg. i was a little anxious

Corruption (n) – Fu bai
eg. corruption is common in China