F2F Class Notes 24th February (Tony)


to ghost (V.) –  to leave without saying goodbye or simply not reply to any messages, just disappear.

eg: “The HR Director ghosted me after, we talked over the phone.”

atheist – a person who does not believe in religion or god

eg: “Many people in China are atheists.”

ethic /ethical adj. – a belief or value about rules of right and wrong.

eg: “Euthanasia is ethical in some countries but still illegal.” “Lying is not illegal, but it is not ethical.”

spiritual adj. – believe in something you can’t explain, usually in a positive way about life

eg: “I’m not religious but I’m spiritual.”

work ethic – having rules you believe about work

eg: “She doesn’t have a work ethic at all, she just eats, sleeps and chats during work.”

even out V. – to become equal or the same amount

eg: “Without paid leave the higher salary is a must for it to even out.”

leverage – power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway:

“If you have a job right now that means you have leverage to get a better offer from your next prospective job.”


Asking a question about past until now

what have you been up to?

I’ve been up to nothing.