F2F Class Notes 24th August (Celeste)

Video, Magic School Bus, In the Arctic

hot cocoa – hot milk with chocolate
eg. I like hot cocoa because it is so yummy.

globe – ball with the earth on it
eg. I have a globe in my home, I use it to look at a map.

Arctic – cold place in the north
eg. The Arctic is a cold place in the north. Polar bears and walruses live in the Arctic.

warm-blooded – Jerry, Celeste, lions

cold-blooded – frogs, lizards, snakes
eg. I am warm-blooded, you are not cold-blooded.

hot water bottle – hot water in a bottle used to be warm
eg. I don’t use a hot water bottle because I don’t need it.

polar bear – white and big, lives in Arctic
polar bear fur – hair on skin, helps the polar bear be warm
eg. Polar bears are bears in the Arctic, their fur is white.

walrus – looks like an elephant because it has big teeth but no big ears, lives in a cold place, they stay warm because they have fat

tusks – big teeth on walruses elephant

– can keep sb sth warm
fat = blubber
eg. Walruses have tusks like elephants and blubber makes walruses warm.

Video, Magic School Bus, Get’s Programmed

chores – things we have to do at home (clean your bedroom, bathroom)

wheelchair – chair with wheels for people who cannot move their legs or feet

motherboard – heart of a computer