F2F Class Notes 24th Aug(Daniel)

Homework, use the new phrases we discussed today to make sentences. Especially Verbs + Noun and Adverb + Adj.

Which chair is your favorite?

My favorite chair is the chair in my room, it is comfortable, so I really like to sit on it.

The chair is in my room, that is comfortable, so I really like it and I always sit on it.

What dress is your favorite?

My favorite dress is the white dress with black pattern, it looks very neat so I like to wear it all the time.
I love the dress color is white, that looks very clean, so I like to wear it.
Tell me how you wash your clothes, and ask me a question about how I do it.

I only do my laundry by myself when my mom is not home, and it is really easy. First I mix some water and laundry detergent into the basin. Then I add the clothes into the basin and rub the clothes. Finally, I rinse the bubble away in the sink.
I wash my clothes by my mum stay out, that is really easy. First, I put some water into washbasin and put some laundry detergent into the water. Then add the clothes to rub, and wash away the bubble.

sink – 水槽

pattern – 图案,模式

naturally – 自然的

nature – 自然

truth – 真话,实话

manage – 管理

alcohol – 酒精

unlikely – 不可能的

On time – 准时

aware – 知道,认知,明白


Verb + Noun

Start the car – turn on the engine

You need to start the car before you can drive.

start a family – think about to have first child

get married – 结婚

Run a shop/company/business – manage

get in(to) <> get out (of) 小空间 e.g car

get on <> get off  大空间 e.g train

I got on the train 10 minutes ago.

I found the door is broken when I got out of my room.

Adj. + Noun

strong coffee/tea <> weak coffee/tea

heavy meal <> light meal

Adverb + Adj.

I am terribly sorry to hear your accident.

He is highly unlikely to come now.

It is unlikely that I will be on time.

She is fully aware of the problem.