F2F Class Notes 24 Mar (Trista)

Electronics / Electronic Devices – Things that use electricity







In an airplane: Please turn off your electronic devices until we land

Amazon.com is having a big sale on electronics today.

Electricity – power

Rice Cooker – tool for cooking rice

Electrical Outlet / power outlet – place in the wall/floor to get electricity

Plug in your (electronic item) computer/ phone, etc.

Power plug / power cord –  the head/ tail of the tool to carry electricity to from the power outlet to the electronic device

If I buy an electronic item abroad, I must also buy an electrical power adapter so that I can use it in a Chinese electrical outlet.

Adapt (v.) – to change (according to your environment)

It can be hard to adapt to a new lifestyle when you move abroad.

Yesterday we talk about some simple topic

Yesterday we talked about some simple topics

She let me to speak slowly

She asked/told me to speak slowly

My mom let me stay out late this weekend – allowed me to, gave me permission

My boss let me go home early today.

My boss asked me to stay late today.

Context – situation / environment

If you don’t know what the word means, sometimes its helpful to see it in a sentence because it provides some context.


I like dogs – no context

The dogs ran around me and barked at me because they wanted me to give them some meat. – context

Topic: HAIR

Shave (AY sound)

Shaver / hair clippers – electronic tool to cut your hair very short

How often do you shave your head?

Maroon – color between red and purple / Wine colored

Copper color – kind of red/orange/brown

Yellow hair – blonde or gold colored hair

Blonde – gold

Brunette – brown

Red Head – copper

If you shave your head it can look really nice, but I’m not very good at giving hair cuts, so I ruined his hair. I gave him a bad haircut.

Making a cake –

I broke the cake

I ruined the cake

I messed up the cake

Painting –

I broke the painting – the canvas is now broken

I ruined the painting – the picture I painted now looks bad