F2F Class Notes 23th July (Jesse)

adjacent – the things on either side
eg. the adjacent teeth are too close

gap – space between 2 things

how many time – how much time

space – pr – “ay” 

makeup do makeup – makeup is a noun

crowded mouth – too many teeth
eg. I have a crowded mouth

limb – zhi ti

phantom limb – when you can feel a limb is still there even after it has been removed.

itchy (yang yang) / scratch (nao yang)

i have a former colleague, he had braces when he was in high school

he had 2 different kinds of braces at 2 different times

get rid of them / to take them off 

if there has been any change at all, it would have gone up, not down.

my diet – the food you regularly eat

a diet – a short time where you control what you eat based on a plan
eg. I’m on a diet to prepare

strong willed
eg. girls who can persist with their diet

zonked = zoned out + bonked on the head
eg. i feel a bit zonked today