F2F Class Notes 23rd May (Celeste)

went out

eg. I went out to have a smoke.

eg. I went out to go to the supermarket.


eg. I went to SH.

eg. I went to China.


eg. She left SH for 1 year to travel the country.

eg. I left home when I was 22 years old.

eg. I left home 5 minutes ago.

travel abroad

eg. She traveled abroad for 2 years then came back/returned to SH.

the honeymoon is over

welcome to reality = welcome to the real world


eg. She is storing the clothes in a small room.


eg. She has a room for storage.

business card = name card, address, name, phone number, wechat, slogan

name tag – sticky paper with your name

name badgekey card with name for security purposes to unlock doors…

check in <> check out

enter <> leave

clock in <> clock out