F2F Class Notes 23rd June (Harmony)


Write a story:




Semi-desert climate: very dry weather.

Desert:  dry climate/ sand (think Mongolia)

Eg.  Riding a camel in the desert is an interesting thing.

Camel:  large animal with humps.

Semi:  part

Eg.  Semi-sweet chocolate.

Eg.  Today’s weather will be semi-cloudy.

Dessert = 2 ‘s’ because you want two servings of dessert.

Desert = its dry and awful, so you only want one serving.

Did your family interested in your life in Chinais your family interested…


Milk tea:  popular Asian drink, tea and milk together served hot or cold.

Uncomfortable stomach/ upset stomach/ upset tummy

Dairy products:  milk products.

French fries

Mashed potatoes: peel and cut the potatoes, then boil them in water, then mash them with butter and milk.

Baked potatoe

Boiled baby potatoes

Roasted potatoes (cooked in the oven, sliced up or baby potatoes)

Scalloped potatoes:  sliced potatoes cooked with cheese.


Congee:  Chinese oatmeal, made with rice.

Eg.  Congee is a popular food in China.

Oatmeal:  breakfast food made with cooked oats, good with milk and cinnamon/fruit.

Pickled vegetables:  vegetables that are stored in vinegar in a jar so that they last longer.

Canned fruit/ vegetables/meat:  meat, vegetables or fruit stored in other liquid to keep them longer.

Marine (mare – een):  a member of the army that works with boats/ships.

Chinese people is really like foodChinese people really like food.



Antibiotics (anti – by – ah – ticks):  penicillin, a drug to cure infections.

Anxiety (ang – zy – ah – tee)