F2F Class Notes 23rd June (Harmony)

I am getting a drink, would you like anything?

  • Yes I would like water.

Room temperature water

Usually: cold warm or hot

I’ve always felt like I’m not eating up to my full potential = he feels like he has the potential to eat more

I knew I wasn’t eating up to my potential = he knows he could more!

‘till past noon= until past noon = they never get up before noon/ they always get up after noon.

A specific time = at ____ /at noon.

Not specific = after ____/after noon/past noon

Eg.  Nobody said this was gonna be easy.


Fragmented:  in different pieces/broken apart.

Move towards:  going in a different direction/ towards a goal.

“Charged with trying to bring all this together”: responsible for/ given the task/ in charge of.

= they have been given the task of trying to put all these ideas together to reach our goal.

Terminology:  words and phrases that are related to one thing. The words that are related to one field/industry.

Eg.  Doctor terminology – body parts/medical equipment names etc.

Eg.  Computer programmer – making a website/ writing code/ html etc.

Eg.  When I worked as an insurance salesperson I had to learn all of the insurance terminology.

Mike Ellis went from ADP to ____, ____ all of the sudden had a lovely template named ‘Eureka’.

1 ADP,2 M___, (3 short solutions), 4 Syncrony

The boss at the 4th company used to work for the 2nd company.

Eg.  He went to short solutions and then ended up at Syncrony.  = sharing his career path.

Lightening:  light in the sky during a storm.

Thunder:  the sound during a bad storm.

Location:  if the park is north

Eg.  Let’s go up to the park, the dog will love it up there.

Park is south:

Eg.  Let’s go down to the park/head down to the park, the dog will love it down there.

Park east/west:

Eg.  Let’s go to the park/ let’s head over there, the dog will love it over there.

Head down/ go to


As of yesterdayI have saved everything up until yesterday/ I am completely caught up.


Caught up:  the task is complete, until more of the same task is given.


Eg.  As of yesterday I am on a diet.

Eg.  As of yesterday I am never going back to zoo coffee.

Eg.  Yesterday I started a diet.

Eg.  Because of yesterday, I will never go back to zoo coffee.