F2F Class Notes 23rd June (Harmony)

Sunscreen:  lotion that you wear to protect your skin from the sun.

Lotion:  a type of cosmetic that moisturizes your skin.

  • Hi Tom this is my colleague/co-worker ______. ____ works in the ____ department.
  • I want to introduce you to my colleague _____.
  • I want to introduce my colleagues to you.

Spacey:  his head was in space/ head in the clouds.  Absentminded.

Eg.  My old boss was kind of spacey.

“you remember meeting Iren before, right?” “Oh of course, good work on that whatever thing.”

  • Name
    • My name is Iren, it’s nice to finally meet you (you’ve emailed a lot)
    • It’s nice to meet you. (you don’t really know them)
  • Appreciation
    • I’m so glad to be here today.
    • I’m so glad to hear from you/ talk with you.

Comment:  a casual remark.

  • Weather
  • Traffic

Dead air = silence = awkward silence.

“no problem” – when they ask you to wait for something.

Trapped value??? – bring context next time.


Chose (chowes) – make a kissy face when you say the ‘o’ sound.

I never been here almost a weekI haven’t been here for almost a week.

I still not watch it I still haven’t watched it/ I still haven’t had time to watch it.

The result is goodhappy ending

Eg.  The movie has a happy ending.

Orlando (or – Land – oh)

Winston Churchill (church – chill)

Soldiers (sole – jurs)

Soviet (so – vee – et)

Poland soldieres – polish soldiers

Polish:  people from Poland.

Pro – for/ agree with

Pro-Putin:  for Putin/ they like Putin