F2F Class notes 23rd June (Eddie)

  1. Once the freight liner has proof / has seen that you will be able to supply enough volume, they may be open to re-negotiate the rates.
  2. About the issue of inspecting or observing stuffing and lashing, we would be happy to provide it, as long as several aspects are clear: this will incur additional expenses which we will have to charge you for. This is not a standard service that other companies offer.    Also, we would need to know enough time in advance details regarding the frequency and volume of your shipments. Our branch would have been able to provide this service had all of the issues above been agreed upon.

    3. As you know, we processed shipment ID#ILSXXX in April, and have inquired with Sarah at AEROSOL whether there would be any further shipments. To date, we have not yet heard from her.  We would (really) appreciate it if you could give us any fresh information on this.

    4. Requests from carriers  xxxxxx Our main priority is to mediate between yourselves and the carriers and make sure that all issues are ironed out. On many occasions, we are having to convey changes in local regulations, legislation, as well as other ad-hoc requirements without a lot of notice. Things in China are very different than the US and Europe and they fluctuate all the time. As such, we would (really) welcome your understanding and cooperation / patience with what sometimes look or sound like unusual or unreasonable requests such as. It may be useful to consider a faster communication avenue than e-mail, e.g. an instant messaging application such as WeChat or WhatsApp.