F2F Class Notes 23rd July (Jesse)

tiles / tiling – ci zhuan

sealant / silicone sealant  gou feng ji

marble bench top 

do you know what this is?

cement wood-fired oven

chopped wood

exhaust pipe – a pipe for letting air out

sprinkler system – water system for putting out fires

can you type it?

rope – sheng zi

decoration – zhuang shi

the rope is hanging down from the ceiling as a decoration

chilli – la jiao

Who do you teach? I teach Summer
Who is your student? Summer is my student.

What does it mean?
What is the meaning of it?

by = using
what do you mean by this word?
when you use this word, what do you mean?

another angle / view

aerial view – a view from above
air plane = aeroplane

corridor / hallway