F2F Class Notes 23rd February (Celeste)[W]***


Read the story below. Next class: Review the story and discuss any new vocabulary and grammar.

Writing exercise

I think pull out a tooth is one wrong decision in my life. it’s a sad story talking about it from a few days ago .I have a tooth very painful and it lead me can’t eating food or sleeping very well . Then I went to hospital and looking for help .The hospital in Shanghai has a lot of patients , every need to spend time of the surgery must to be booked. The dentist help me to make a appointment and tell me for the time eating some painkiller if i can’t stand the pain . A week later , i went to the hospital and accept this tooth surgery , the dentist saved my tooth for 2 hours already but no sign of completion . Half an hour ago, the dentist tell me there is no ways for this tooth ,just pull it out is the only way. The reason of i am lay in bed for more than 2 hours ,i am tired. i didn’t think too much. I think the dentist could made a right decision that is the best way for me. When i pull out this tooth , i am really regret it .The tooth should accompany me for decades,but now is gone , i think i will feel sad for a few days.


I think people should not lose or remove their teeth.

had a very painful tooth and I couldn’t eat food or sleep very well because of it. It was a sad and painful story for me to talk about/tell. So, I went to the hospital to look for help. Shanghai hospitals have a lot of patients, every surgery must be booked. The dentist helped me make an appointment and told me to take some painkillers if I can’t stand the pain. A week later, I went to the hospital to have surgery where the dentist tried to fix my tooth for 2 hours but he couldn’t save it.

Half an hour after, the dentist said, “There is no way for this tooth to be saved, just pull it out. It’s the only way.” I was so tired from the surgery and painkillers, I agreed to have my tooth pulled.  I wasn’t thinking straight.

Now, I think the dentist could have made a better decision that is also better for me. I regret having my tooth removed. My teeth should never leave my mouth, but now that it’s gone, I feel sad for the next few days.


to think straight = to think clearly

eg. When I drink wine, I can’t think straight.

eg. The painkillers make it hard to think straight.

eg. When I eat too much I can’t think straight.

eg. When I’m sleepy I can’t think straight. 


sb must do sth = sb needs to do sth

eg. I must go to work. = I need to go to work.

eg. I must call my mother. = I need to call my mother.

eg. I must have breakfast. = I need to have breakfast.

eg. I must check my email.  = I need to check my email.