F2F class notes 23rd April (Lina)

Train – I sat on the train

I wrote some diary entries – pronunciation

A fight broke out during rush hour after work. The scene showed a brawl between a driver and several passengers. The incident began when a driver was making a phone call while he was driving, one of the passengers tried to tell him to hang up but he wouldn’t listen, when the passenger persisted it resulted in the driver raising his voice at the passenger and the fight kicked off.

Gang up on – when people collectively address someone e.g.

All or some of the passengers telling the driver to hang up the phone

The passengers ganged up on the driver in asking him to hang up

Hang up – end the call, hang up the phone – comes from when we used to have our phones attached to the wall and you actually hung up the phone after the call.

Lecture him – point out mistakes, set him straight, tell him why he is wrong…

The passengers started lecturing the irresponsible driver

Lost his facegot embarrassed

Tilted – lean to one side

I can tilt my head to the left, to the right, backwards, and forwards.

                             The leaning tower of Pisa in Italy is tilted to one side

Severe earth quake

Deep level earth quake

Light earth

Light – opposite of heavy

Light – bright light of a lamp or the nuance of a color (light blue, light gray etc.)

Light spirit – a happy person, relaxed not weight down by trouble or sorrow

Nuance – e.g. Different shades of colors – light to dark (of the same color)

I like this nuance of blue ( could also say shade of blue)

A nuanced debate – meaning that you show different perspectives and positions of a topic


In the past year maybe 20 years agoin the past, maybe twenty years ago

Open one eye and close the other – English version of this saying is:

To look the other way “ – you saw what happened but you pretend like you didnt

She saw what happened but decided to look the other way.

It goes in one ear and out the other