F2F Class Notes 23 Mar (Trista)


College – da xue

Coworker / Colleague – tong shi

They always don’t do that

They don’t always do that

How do you know each other?

I like to buy shopping

I like to go shopping

Or do some exercise

Or exercise

I like to exercise

Common interests / things we have in common

What do you do? = what’s your job

I’m an English teacher

I work for Smart English

I work in Education

What do you like to do in your free time/ Spare time/ for fun?

He’s very attractive to women

I want to marry to him

I want to marry him

I want to help him have a baby

I want to have his babies

He endorsed it

He is on the package

He is in their advertisement



From sun up to sun down

All day long

From sunrise to sunset

Obsessed – very focused on something

They are obsessed with this movie star.

On stage

When the singer was on stage I thought it was so amazing.

They like it but I don’t like

They like it but I don’t

The song is the really song

This song is real music

Most of time

Most of the time

Lyrics – words in a song