F2F Class notes 22nd July (Eddie)

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to find = examples of usage

AC = air conditioning

crank the AC up = to turn the AC up

crank up the music = to turn up the music

to turn on =/= to turn off

to turn down =/= to turn up


The music is too loud, man. Turn it down a notch, will you? 🙁

I love this song. Turn it up, please! 🙂

swimming style/s =

abdomen = the belly

six-pack = the abdomen

to find = to discover


I can’t find my socks. (I am trying to locate my socks but I am unable to).

to find = to have an opinion about something after trying it / experiencing it.


I find this restaurant very cute.

I find English very difficult to learn.

I went to this restaurant last night. I spent a lot of money there, but when I asked for the bill, they told me I had to pay in dollars. I find this unacceptable.

I find it interesting that you only spent 6 months with your previous employer.

I went to see the new Batman movie last night, but I found it very boring.