F2F Class Notes 22nd December (Tony)


Tesla’s salesperson told us we can’ trust driverless cars.


faith – trust something without seeing it or knowing for sure

eg: “I have faith in Google’s driverless cars.”

misrepresent – to represent it in a bad or wrong way.

eg: “They misrepresented his ideas, which were meant for peace.”

clever – funny in a way that shows intelligence

eg: “He always has something clever to say and make people laugh.”

grumpy – have a bad attitude

eg: “My boss has a lot of things to deal with recently, when I asked her for to take care of the company expenses she became grumpy.”

take care of – 1.watch or protect something or someone 2. To finish or resolve something, such as a problem or some work.

eg: “I took care of my daughter for the first year after she was born.”

eg: “I’ll take care of these contracts by the end of the week.”

Vain – someone who is too fond of their looks

eg: “I don’t know anyone who is vain.”