F2F Class Notes 22nd April (Jesse)

i like coffee. as well as this, i like tea. = and also 

eg. i like cooking. As well as this, I like going to the gym 

because = due to the fact that 

basically = essentially = generally 

at school / in school = place

at school = the fact that you’re a student 

a bit more than 20 mins / just over 20 mins 

less than / just under 20 mins 

i go to work – general time / not specific

eg. i go to work every day at 10am 

i have been to work – already / in my life

eg. i have been to Japan 5 times 

i went to work – specific past time

eg. i went to work yesterday at 11am 

i am going to work – now

eg. i am going to work now, so I will arrive soon 

to / for = purpose 

i come here to learn english

i come here for english learning 

learn english – you do it 

english learning – process 

gone out of my way – made the effort to do sth / inconvenient

eg. i went out of my way to buy her some flowers 

i like being around you / hang around / spend time with

eg. my wife is really good to be around 

i’ve have always lived in australia <– not clear if now or in the past