F2F Class Notes 21st June (Harmony)

Online Class

No one come – no one came


Perfectionist (per – feck – shun –ist):  a person who likes things to be perfect. 

Eg.  I am a perfectionist, I cannot leave anything less than perfect.


I have some trouble in directions – with directions


Conflict: trouble or disagreement.

Eg.  I always avoid conflict because it makes me awkward.

Pushover:  a person who is easily “pushed over”, they can’t say no.

Eg.  Go ask sally for help, she’s a pushover and can’t say no.

“agree to disagree”: when two people who disagree respect each others opinions.

Let them to agree with youmake them agree with you

When I met this problem – when I meet this problem.

You can not to be persued – you can not be persuaded, but you need to respect others opinions.

The trouble make me feel frustrated – makes me feel…