F2F Class Notes 21 May (Eddie)

to say

to tell

to agree – to say yes

to disagree – to say no

to ask = to address a question, to request

to question = to ask multiple / many questions

to hear =/= to listen

to hear = the ability to perceive sound in general

to listen = to want to hear certain sounds

E.g. Everyone can hear, but few people listen.

multiple choice – a type of test or question which lets you choose the correct answer.

millionaire  – someone who has millions of $/Y

She gave me a cake.

What did she give me?                            She gave me a cake.

Who gave me a cake?                              She gave me a cake.

Whom did she give a cake to?                She gave me a cake.

I need a fork.

What do you need?                               I need a fork.

Who needs a fork?                                 I need a fork.

How many forks do you need?          I need a fork.

cruising altitude – the altitude at which airplanes fly safely

wind sock – a bag which shows the direction of the wind

winglet – a small wing at the tip of an airplane’s wing