Open F2F Class Notes 21 Feb (Trista)


Family’s people – family members

Had to met – I had to meet with so many family members.

I met with so many family members

I had to visit so many relatives. – past

I visited so many relatives. – past

I have to meet with so many relatives – future (present tense in some situations)

Immediate family – your mother/father/sister/brother/husband/wife/son/daughter

Extended family – grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins

Alternate – take turns

We alternate whose parents’ house we go to each year.

We alternate back and forth.

Alternative (n. or adj.) – different, another option

We need to find an alternative.

We need to find an alternative method.

Petrol/gasoline – fuel (oil) you put in your car

Yesterday the weather was very good,i was going to plant market with my husband,we wanted to brought some flowers and plants for our new house, I liked orchid,my husband liked banyan,our ideas were not at same,so which plant can we brought to house? He still his choice,and I was not given up my idea.finally,we have reached a agreement to buy fresh flowers and succulent (duorou) plants.

Yesterday the weather was good so my husband and I went to a nursery to pick out some flowers and plants for our new house. I liked the orchids, but my husband preferred much different types of plants. Our ideas were completely different, so how were we going to decide which plants to bring home? Neither of us wanted to give up our choices, so finally we compromised and just bought some fresh flowers and succulents instead.

Reached a compromise (n)

We compromised (v)

Either  – either / or

Neither of – neither / nor

I don’t want that either = both of us don’t want it

Neither of us want that = both of us don’t want it

Both of us want that.

Either you clean your room, or you don’t get ice cream.

Either you clean your room or you clean the bathroom.

We could either go to the store or to the park.

Either option is okay. = both options are okay.

If you don’t go, I won’t go either.

Neither here nor there. = not here, not there.

The hotel is neither spacious nor comfortable.

Spacious – has lots of open space

It’s very confused

it’s very confusing

I’m very confused.