F2F Class Notes 20th November (Peter)

Corrections (original – corrected)

No time – I don’t have enough time to go to America

On my one year old – When I was one year old

My mother and father both from China – my father and mother are both from China

I like eating Ice Cream best – I like eating Ice Cream most

My mother is the housewife – my mother is a housewife

Swim pool – swimming pool

Basketball/volleyball/tennis ground – basketball/volleyball/tennis court

I don’t know New York – I don’t know what New York is like


Vocabulary 词汇

While – at the same time, 一边…一边

Ex. I can read while on the metro.

Campus – school grounds

Ex. My school’s campus is very large.

Cafeteria – a place to eat, normally in a school, 餐厅

Public – available for everyone

Distract – to take someone’s attention away from what he or she is doing

Ex. The shouting upstairs distracted me from my homework.

Remember – 记得,想起来

Statue of Liberty – 自由女神

Pronunciation 发音

Campus (CAM-piss)

Statue (STA-choo)

Liberty (LIH-bur-tee)