F2F Class Notes 20th July (Jesse)

I looked at the weather report and it’s 36, but it feels like 41

weather application (app)

give a report to your boss

warm = wen

sometimes when its just warm, i think its boring.

write / wrote / written  

i will send you a wechat
i will send it to you on wechat

guy / man / boy
___ / woman / girl / lady
guys = men + women

My mother has black short hair. She live in Shanghai with me. Last conversation with my mother on last month. We talked about my university life. I will renting a house around the my university ,as my university dormitory is really old and shabby. My mom told me “you are study clothes designing in the university while keep on study English “. My mom mind me  read more fashion magazines because help my specialty and she told me draw more. I told my mom I like this specialty, I will work hard will not let you down.

My mother has black hair which is shorter than mine and she lives in Shanghai with me. The last conversation with my mother was last month and we talked about my university life. I will rent a house around the university ,as my university dormitory is really old and shabby. My mom told me “you will study clothes design in/at university while you keep on studying English “. My mom suggested that I read more fashion magazines because that / it helps my major and she told me to draw more. I told my mom I like this major, so I will work hard and will not let you down.

I suggested that you study English every day. (Grammar = I think that you study English)
I recommend you to study English every day.  (Grammar = I want you to do sth)
I said that you should study English every day

I will keep on studying / you should keep on studying
while I keep on studying

I mind that you don’t review your notes = I care = I don’t like it

do you mind if I ….. ? = can i?
yes i do mind, it’s MY phone.

yesterday = last day

last month = last month

rule – gui ze

2 ideas grammar – middle
I went to the shops and i bought some food
The man was tired because it was very late at night
I go to SE every day which makes me very happy
I bought some coffee but it didn’t taste good.
I bought some coffee, however, it didn’t taste good.

2 ideas grammar – start
I go to Smart English, I am very happy.
Although it is raining today, I still will study English
As it was very late at night, the man was tired.

4 ideas – 2 sentences.
I bought a coffee from starbucks today and also bought some cake. However, the coffee and the cake were both really bad, which made me really unhappy.