F2F Class Notes 20th January (Tony)

we sell luxury products like rolex and cartier

my knee healed

down to earth

december sales performance

we achieved a total sales of 106 million RMB (100,000,000)      (2,600,000,000 two point six billion)

we can gather those figures if necessary

only VIP members are eligible for cash coupons

VAT – Value added Tax

eg: “The VAT on luxury goods in China is extremely high.”

down to earth – informal and easy to talk to

eg: “Even though he became the boss he was still really down to earth.”

the cart before the horse – put the results before the means of achieving the result (the horse pulls the cart)

eg: “Entrepreneurs often put the cart before the horse, trying to establish a business without a product.”

figures – numbers or sets of numbers, possibly with some math involved

eg: “NASA hired many african american women to calculate the figures for rocket launches.”

projected growth – the number you expect to achieve

eg: “What was the projected growth for this year?”


watches (countable) and jewelery (uncountable)


find a french colleague to teach you how to say LV.