F2F Class Notes 20th August (Jesse)

abroad / overseas – other country
eg. I went overseas last year

edit = change sth to make it right

i can play guitar
i want to learn guitar / i want to be able to play guitar

Why did you start learning English?
I started learning English for traveling 
I started learning English to travel

How long have you been studying English?
I have been studying English for 1 month.

When did you go to Japan?
I went to Japan yesterday

What time did you arrive here today?
Today I arrived here at 1:40

Why do you like coffee?
I like coffee because it’s cool

Do you like tea?
Yes I like tea

What Apple product do you have?
I have phones, ipads and a watch.

I think Apple watches are good

I think coffee is good
I think Starbucks coffee is good.

How many Apple products do you have?
I have 6 phones and 2 ipads and 1 watch.

do , did , doing , have done
study , studied , studying , have studied

copy – fu zhi / mo fang

for sth
to do sth
eg. I bought a cake to give you for your birthday

I wake up at 7 oclock too early. After, I take a shower and then I finish I ate a little breakfast and watch tv at 9 oclock to 11, for 2 hours.

I woke up at 7 oclock and / which I think it’s too early. After, I took a shower and after I finished I ate a little breakfast which was 2 pieces of bread and watched tv at 9 oclock to 11, for 2 hours.

When / while I was watching tv, I was eating breakfast.

I talk – I talked – I have talked
I am talking – I was talking – I have been talking

I talk every day / sometimes / often / once a week – (no time)
I talked yesterday / last year / last week – past (specific)

I have talked before / in my life / many times / once – (past / already) 
I am talking – (now)
I was talking yesterday / last year / last week – past + now (specific)
I have been talking for a long time / for many years / all my life – (past / already)

I feel good 3 times a week because I exercise every day. Yesterday, I went to the gym and I played in the pool with my friend, I thought it was really fun. Now, I am writing this email to Jesse, and I think it is fun. I have been to the gym many times and I feel better than before.

I had breakfast and after I finished breakfast, I went to work. = After breakfast I went to work. 

I have a friend who is really good / I have a friend and I think they are really good
I have a computer which is really good / I have a computer and I think it is really good
I bought a computer yesterday which makes me really happy.

spa – just push a little on the “p”

take / took / taken 
eg. I take showers every day
eg2. I took a shower yesterday
eg3. I have taken a shower today

watched = “watcht
talked = “talkt
walked = “walkt