F2F Class Notes 20th August (Ben)

I waited for the rain to stop.

wait FOR something TO happen

I want you TO succeed.

I waited for the rain TO stop

I am AT = 地点 (work, school, the office, home)

I am IN = 里面 (the bedroom, the kitchen, the living-room)

I am AT home IN my bedroom.

Is there anything special you want to do? 有没有什么特质的东西你想做

Your apartment is huge.

huge = very big

an apartment = a flat 房子

My flat is in Minhang district

I am in Xuhui.

Who do you live with ?

improve = 进步

If it’s hard, it means you are improving. 
China has AROUND 1.7 billion people.
India has 1.1 billion people.
a population = 人口
population = the number of people
The population in my country is around 35,000,000

35 million
The population in my country is around 35 million people.

The population of my island is around 170,000 people
one thousand seventy people = 1,070
170,000 = one hundred seventy thousand
12,000 twelve thousand
200,000 two hundred thousand
360,000 three hundred sixty thousand
360,000,000 three hundred sixty million
360,360,000 three hundred sixty million three hundred sixty thousand

satisfied 满意,满足

I feel satisfied