F2F Class Notes 20th April (Celeste)

Next class: Please review this story and retell it to make it more clear.

She is much better than before. / She is better than the day before.


I m going to have a trip to Desney when daughter’s summer holiday. Then I started to book the ticket , found hotel and search the location easy go to there. Then my friend introduced Harajuku to me. I ask him why? He told me where is convenient to queue for buy Goros. And then I ask him what is the Goros? he said its a necklace which is hard to buy that u must get the queue very early. Plus u just could buy one thing from the shop once time. Wow! I surprised that. And he told me


I’m going to Disneyland Tokyo when my daughter has summer vacation.  I started to book the plane tickets and find the/a hotel that is convenient to get to Disneyland.

Then my friend told me Harajuku is where it is the most convenient to queue to buy Goros.  Goros are necklaces which are hard to buy that you must get to the queue very early. Plus, you can only buy one thing from the shop at a time. Wow! I was surprised by that. He told me its a story about Native American necklaces.

necklace ( neck lis )

Native Americans – first people from America

At the shop, there is always a long que of customers who want to buy the Goro necklace.