F2F Class Notes 2 Mar (Trista)

US Tuition is expensive than China

US tuition is more expensive than China

SH is more hot than Shenyang

SH is hotter than Shenyang

She ran faster than me.


  • __A___ is better than __B___
  • __A___ is more (adj) than ___B___
  • __A___is (adj)+er than ___B___
  • Good, better, best
  • ____, more ____,  most____  ex: expensive, more expensive, most expensive
  • _____, ___ er, ___ est ex:  Pretty prettier prettiest

How old are you can be allowed to get some work?

How old do you have to be in order to get a job?

What age can you start working in the US?

In order to…. = to be able to

They get low pay –

they don’t get paid very much

Their pay is really low

They paid barely anything

They don’t have the future

They don’t have a future

They don’t have a chance at a good future

Even the factory is very good or the profit is very well

Even if the factory is really good or their profits are very high

Even if it’s a really good factory and its really profitable


Even if…


Some workers suicide themselves

Some workers even killed themselves

Some workers even commuted suicide

Some worker even took their own lives

Commit a crime

Commit murder

Commit suicide

My father died – correct, but can be impolite

My father passed away

Its very shocked us society

It was very shocking to our society

It shocked our society very much

If you don’t graduated from the college

Do not graduated

If you don’t graduate from college

If you didn’t graduate from college

I arrived here early an hour

I arrived here an hour early

There have some traditional SH restaurant

There are some trad. SH restaurants







Eh sound – relax your tongue- bottom jaw comes forward

Focus on PLURALS after the word SOME

Some schools

Some children

Some cats

How many class you have today?

How many classes do you have today?