F2F Class Notes 1st March (Tony)


the later of March – the end of march

the beginning of January

the start of March, the end of march

If it is funny, I will laugh.

Why are you laughing, it is not funny.

They didn’t control the quality of the food.

sink – the place to wash your hands

eg: “Don’t put your trash in the sink.”

sign (N.)- a notice, with a name, direction, warning, or advertisement, that is displayed or posted for public view

eg: “There is a sign on the wall.”  “The sign says NO SMOKING.”

sign (V.) – to write your name or Signature (N.)

eg: “Can you sign off for this?” “We need to sign this contract soon.”

say – to tell or speak some words, to explain what some writing is telling us.

eg: “This email says the meeting was cancelled.”

bin – a box that is used for storing things

eg: “Please throw your trash in the bin.”

opinion – something you think

eg: “In my opinion steak is very good.”

fact – something that is true

eg: “Steak comes from cows, that is a fact.”

flavor – the kind of taste

eg: “This ice cream is chocolate flavor.”

secret – something you should not tell other people, maybe it is bad.

eg: “Some dark secrets are the same in China and in USA, like bad quality of food, for example.”