F2F Class Notes 1st July (Jesse)

a quarter = 1/4 


a quarter past

the man walked past the house 

a car drives past / go past / walk past 

half past 1 



half past 2


a quarter to 2


a quarter past 1

meeting room = hui yi shi

office = ban gong shi 

lobby = da ting / xiu xi shi 

this iphone is different to that iphone

this iphone is the same as that iphone

he looks similar to her 

he looks the same as her

xujiahui is on the way to jingan, so I think tiyuguan is more convenient 

on the way


loud / quiet

front / behind

different to / the same as / similar to 

some day I went to study English. my english school is in jingan temple. I take the bus to xujiahui which is on the way to jingan. then I arrived at the english school ___ I heard upstairs had renovations which was very loud. I arrived in xujiahui ___ I think people are all are going to different places, then I go to take a subway. The subway is __ front of me. 

when I got to xuhui / when I am in xuhui 

lou shang / xia – upstairs / downstairs