F2f Class Notes 1st February (Rab)

Ouch – the sound made when someone is in pain

Found – f-ow-nd
I hope they found it
I hope they fownd it

Ground – Gr-ow-nd
It is on the ground
It is on the grownd

County – C-own-tay
Which county do you live in

Pound – powned
The British money is the pound

Profound – profownd
This poem is really profound

Yesterday I found a pretty stone
Yesterday I fownd a pretty stone

Role / roll
Eventually – eh-ven-chooally
Spiritual – spi-ri-choo-al

The role in the play is simple
I want to make a sample of this

World -wuh-rled
Correct spelling -The world is round
Correct pronunciation -The wuhrled is rownd

Scale – skay-llll
Today I bought a set of scales
We need a scale model