F2F Class Notes 1st Aug (Harmony)

Eg.  Third line from the bottom.

Eg.  Third line from the top/ three lines down.


Sun /son – same pronunciation (suhn)

Tones in English—only to specify the mood/emotion.

Eg.  Happy/angry/sarcastic/serious.

“let’s go for spicy hot pot”

  1. Sure! I love getting diarrhea.  — sarcasm.

Sarcasm tone:  really cheesy and over the top!

Diarrhea:  when you can’t stop pooping.

Hot pot:  Chinese meal when you cook food together in boiling soup.

Sheet (sheeeeet)

Shit (shiht) – think about ‘hit’

Ship (shihp)

Bitch (bihtch)

Beach (beech)

Full (fuhl) – I’m stuffed.

Fool (foo uhl) – stupid/dumb.

full of it”: full of shit.

Eg.  You’re full of it.  = you’re lying.

I just won a million dollars!
eg.  You’re full of it.  = I don’t believe you./ you’re lying.

Waving your flat hand across your neck = cut it out/ stop it.

“I made it” = I’ve arrived.

  • Context is usually known beforehand.

To make it:  to be successful.  / to find success.

Eg.  One day I’ll make it big.  = one day I’ll be rich and successful.

Eg.  He’s made it!  = he’s successful.

I’m not going to make it”:  I can’t come/ I can’t arrive.

Eg.  I made it to the top of the mountain.

I want to make a tattooI want to get a tattoo.

Thumbs up: 

  • Good job
  • Hitchhiking (on the road)
  • Pointing it backwards = get outta here.

Waving one finger in a circle by your head = they’re insane/they’re crazy.

roll your eyes”:  rolling your eyes in a circle to indicate irritation/ being frustrated/ if you think someone is lying.

up yours!”:  F you.