F2F Class notes 19th July (Eddie)

schorching day/sun = very hot

leash = the cord we use to keep dogs from running away etc

If I had seen him coming, I would not have reacted the way I did. /
Had I seen him coming, I would not have reacted the way I did.

You never know what sets them off.

to set off = to launch, to propel, to trigger

resilient = can not be defeated easily, will not give up

persistent = will not go away or back down

to get rid of = to remove, to discard, to eliminate, to do away with, to escape, to dispose of, to free oneself from sth


I have a lot of old clothes I need to get rid of.
I can’t get rid of this headache.

We need to get rid of the Accounting guy.

car fleet = the cars owned by a company etc

Trigger Happy TV 🙂