F2F Class Notes 19th July (Celeste)

When I was a student of plat design and 3D Max, My design teacher told me, as a painter, If they met a stranger person, they can catch their face quickly and exactly. I think Maybe I do not have these skills on my work.

When I was a graphic design  student, my design teacher told me, “As a painter, if I met a stranger, I can sketch/draw their face as if they were looking in a mirror.” I think I do not have these work skills yet.

advertisements / ads n.

eg. Sherry created ads / advertisements when she was a graphic design student.

brochure ( bro sure ) / pamphlet (pam flit) / leaftlet  / booklet

eg.  I made a brochure about lights.

miniature 3D model

eg. Many new apartment buildings will have a miniature 3D model to show to future renters.

architect ( R ki tect ) – building designer (person)

architecture – the profession of design buildings

TBC – To Be Continued

that / this *** (scrunch your nose like when you smell something bad)

these ***(theeeeeeeeze) / those*** (thooooooooooze)