F2F Class Notes 19th January (Tony)


I kinda snuck out

construction worker

booth – a place to sit ina  resataurant, like a sofa

eg: “I reserved a booth for 6 people, at 7 o’clock.”

stall – a structure like an incomplete building, with an open front or no ceiling

eg: “Women’s bathrooms have more stalls than men’s.”

Formal Vs. Casual English

May I please have one of those? (Formal, extra polite)

Could I get one of those? (Casaul, polite)

I want one of those. (Casual)

Would you mind if I had one of those? (Formal, polite)

Gimmee one of those. (Casual, a little rude)

I’ll take one of those. (Casual)

Is it possible for me to get one of those. (Casual, polite)

Correct Grammar Vs. Common phrases

Can I go to the bathroom? (Actually incorrect grammar and word choice)

(Can expresses your ability to do something or not, are you capable of this thing?) I don’t know, can you? haha

May I go to the bathroom? (Correct grammar and word choice, but too polite and uncommon)

(May asks for permission)

Grammar rules to never break (especially for Chinese ESL students)

  1. Never forget the plural form.
  2. When writing: you are= you’re                   your = possesion, your dog                                                                     their = possesion, their dog                       they are = they’re busy              there = shows location, over there
  3. He/She