F2f Class Notes 19th January (Rab)

Liberal (liberty) – with freedom
Ex. A more liberal way of learning
Ex. She covered the cake with a liberal helping of icing sugar

Help – to give assistance
A helping – one round of food, an amount of something that you have helped yourself to
Ex. I went back time and time again for second and third helpings
Ex. Would you like a second helping?

Ex. During English class I am confronted by many new words and phrases

Confront – to stand up to a challenge or to challenge an opinion
Ex. Today I want to confront all of my problems head on
Ex. My friend is very confrontational and always argues
Ex. I am not good at confrontation as I get very nervous and just want to run away

Going to Australia is more affordable than going to America
I should have competitive edge so as to get a better job – I hope to get a competitive edge from my extra studies.
I hope my extra studies give me a competitive edge in the jobs market

Reference – (to refer) to talk of something, to give details of something
Ex. I need my boss to write me a reference for my visa application
Ex. I need to make references for my end of year essay to prove the information is correct
Ex. I would like to refer you to my colleague who has much more information than I do