F2F Class Notes 19th December (Tanya)


to brood – when animals sit on their eggs to hatch them

e.g. Birds brood their eggs.

peacock – blue bird with big beautiful feathers

e.g. Only the male peacocks have beautiful feathers.

to peacock – you’re displaying yourself very ostentatiously

e.g. Models basically have to peacock down a runway.

ostentatious – very obvious, not subtle

e.g. A male peacock’s feathers are very ostentatious.

hyphen or dash – this sign –

e.g. at Smart English, we write our vocab word, followed by a hyphen and the meaning of the word in English.

to hyphenate – to put a hyphen

e.g. A lot of words need hyphenating, e.g. throw-back.

aquarium – fish tank

e.g. We have an aquarium at home with a lot of fish in it.

guppy – baby fish

e.g. Tanya once had guppies but they all died.

emotional rollercoaster – to feel a lot of emotions very quickly after each other, a experience a lot of ups and downs

e.g. After Tanya’s fish gave birth to guppies, she was really happy. Then the day after, they all died. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

exotic – foreign- or strange-looking

e.g. Allison had a lot of exotic and colorful fish in her tank.

documentary – informative movie

e.g. There’s a lot of documentaries about fish.


I see a video of this – I saw a video of this

There was many equipment – There was a lot of equipment.


creature – kre tur

horizontally – horizontally

genes – jeans

unusual – un yu syu al

hyphenated – hi fen ated