F2F Class Notes 19th December (Celeste)

Speaking exercise

What’s new?

A: Nothing’s new.

May I record our conversation?


mother / father

daughter / son

his father = my husband

step in / stepping in / stepped in / will step in (verb phrase) – help / take back control / to assist / to help move sth forward / interfere

eg. Planning the Christmas party at work was too big of a task for Celeste so, Judy stepped in.

eg. 2 boys were fighting at school, the teacher stepped in to break up the fight.

eg. The deadline of the project is close, so more colleagues stepped in to finish this project.


His father don’t use it. – His father doesn’t use it often.

After he go to bed he played with smartphone. – After he goes to bed he plays with the smartphone.

He lacks of enough time to sleep. – He lacks sleep. / He is not getting enough sleep.  / He is not getting enough time to sleep.

He can continuously to play the smartphone for whole week until he tired of playing the game. – He can continuously play the smartphone for a whole week until he is tired/tires of playing the game.