F2F Class notes 19 May (Eddie)

to break up (with) =/= to make up (with)

to eat – verb

hamburger – noun

to drink – verb

water – noun

to see – verb

eye – noun

to make up – verb

make-up – noun

to put make-up on –

snowball – noun

to snowball (into) – verb

E.g. We started to argue about a glass of water, but it snowballed into a huge fight during which we threw things at each other.

Metro / subway

I can’t drive now, but if I go to driving school, I will be a better driver than I think now.

I like sea – I like the sea.

I can go to everywhere – I can go anywhere.

Jungle – a place with many trees, plants and wild animals

to explore – to find out more about a place

explorer – a person who explores