F2F Class Notes 19 Feb (Trista)

One time one day – one time per day / once per day / once a day

Rapidly – all of the sudden

I was walking down the street when all of the sudden a cat rushed out from a café.

Full of romantics – full of romance

A romantic person is called a romantic

Full of meditations – full of people meditating on life

Reflecting on life

Someone who reflects on their life is introspective.

They spend many time – the spend a lot of time

Maybe they need know – maybe they need to know

Learn new thing – learn new things / learn new stuff (informal)

At now nowadays

Find yourself is the same importance as insist yourself 

Finding yourself is just as important as being disciplined and hardworking.

Cookie cutter – exactly the same, opposite of unique

I don’t want the cookie cutter American dream. I want to live abroad and have an adventurous life.

Rosetta Stone – computer program for learning language. Expensive, but very effective.

Duolingo – a free phone app that is similar to Rosetta Stone

Thesaurus – good way to expand your vocabulary